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  1. Results at Your Convenience 
    Results at Your Convenience 
    No Class times. New Class every 15-mins. Monday- Friday 9:30am-2pm, 4:30pm-9pm Sat 9am-2pm. Online
  2. Stand tall, talk small, kick ass!
    Stand tall, talk small, kick ass!
    Our Fighter's Club locations offers BJJ, Kickboxing, boxing and more
  3. Tire Flipping, Car Pushing, to Yoga
    Tire Flipping, Car Pushing, to Yoga
    We do it all. Our training is for all fitness levels
  4. Personal Training
    Personal Training
    Personal Trainers who are results driven -sign up today
  5. No Pain No Gain
    No Pain No Gain
    Get Fit Earn Cash. Join our team today
  6. Unlimited Group Fitness
    Unlimited Group Fitness
    Come train on your own or enjoy our unlimited group fit
  7. Open Sparring
    Open Sparring
    Come Spar with us
  8. Amature & Pro Fight Team
    Amature & Pro Fight Team
    MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ, or Boxing... Join our Fighters Club


The Body Bar, Fitness & Spa, a one stop shop for your full body needs. We not only a full service Salon Spa, our incredible workout training programs are convenient for your busy schedule .  This is the  place to become a healthier you inside and out, &  seeing results in less than 4 weeks, as we are result driven. Join our amazing Fight Club,  come spar with us or join our classes.
If you are sick and tired and hate where you are today, its now time to try The Body Bar!
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What We Offer

  1. 1
    Sport Specific Training
  2. 2
    Amature & Pro Fight Team
  3. 2
    Weight Management
  4. 3
    Personal Training
  5. 4
    Massage Therapy
  6. 5
    Nutritional Supplements
  7. 6
    Salon & Spa
  8. 7
    Boxing & BJJ
  9. 8
    Pole Fitness
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